POLMAK MAKİNE İMALAT A.Ş. manufacture diamond drilling equipment, diamond circular and frame saws since 1967. POLMAK MAKİNE İMALAT A.Ş. is the biggest drilling equipment manufacturer in the Middle East and Balkans. Polmak which is the main supplier of the domestic market also exports to the foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Thailand, England and the United States.


The Production line of POLMAK MAKİNE İMALAT A.Ş. (Polmak Machinery Manufacturing Co.) includes; drill rigs, drill rods, casings, core barrels, diamond and tungsten bits, diamond reaming shells, auxiliary equipment both in DCDMA (American, Canadian) and metric (Swedish) standards. Polmak also manufactures Q series compatible wireline equipment. In September 1992, Polmak had bought all the drawings and trade rights of Sprague and Henwood company of USA, and manufactures diamond core drilling machines of various sizes as per the Sprague and Henwood  specs and drawings.


Our diamond saw production range includes; circular diamond saws having diameter of 190 mm to 1750 mm to cut marble, granite, refractories, asphalt and concrete , gang saws , frame saws , diamond peripheral milling cutters; diamond slot grinders and various diamond profile milling cutters. All of these equipment are of top quality, also having more competitive prices than comparable western companies.


The manufacturing capabilities of Polmak are ready to satisfy the highest performance requirements of our customers.


In addition to the equipment itemized above, Polmak also can manufacture many other specialized items used in diamond drilling and have also been responsible for modifications of standard equipment to meet individual specifications or requirements. If you have any special problems please do not hesitate to contact our home office in Ankara, Turkey.

At all times we endeavor to maintain an adequate stock of equipment in order to make prompt shipment of all orders. We realize that a quality product alone is not enough without good service to back it up. We believe that nowhere in this industry can you get better service than from Polmak.